Dinner for Two

A new month, a new idea !

After trying to blog blog every day of the month of April (fail) about my travel adventures I feel like I am getting side tracked from my inner voice and turning into a disabled Harry Potter version of Trip Advisor.

That’s why I’m changing my blog into more of a personal experience blog instead of a summary of local attractions to visit.

I don’t know if it will be interesting enough to keep reading but I feel like I am not writing to my full potential when I am just recommending stuff. That’s why I will try to also blog different topics on my website.

Like this one.

This one is about silence.

Awkward silence.

The kind of silence you want to avoid. The kind of silence that is louder than anything.

I worked as a bartender for a while and I can tell you I was surprised by the amount of young (or older) couples that came to the restaurant and seemed to have nothing to talk about. They just sat there across from each other and staring into the infinite distance while they were anxiously waiting for the food to be served. There was this certain type of painful silence between them. Nothing to talk about. Everything seems said and done. Or both parties were looking desperately for a subject to talk about. Sometimes it was a first date going wrong, but often of the time it was a married couple that lost all passion. At least, that was the impression they have me.

Or maybe they just had a bad day. Bad week. Bad year…

The idea of being in relationship like that repulsed me.

And it still does.

Relationships scare me. To me, they are equivalent to stagnation, somehow.

But I know we all will have to open ourselves to someone, someday. Or we will end up like an old man or woman in the corner of the restaurant dining by ourselves. And I don’t know which one is worse at this point.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in love and finding your other half and I do believe the perfect significant other is out here for all of us but I also strongly belief that I don’t want to settle for less.

Neither should you.

And Steve Jobs would agree.

If you feel trapped into a relationship that doesn’t make you happy, end the relationship. There is always a way out. Even with a financial attachment, even with kids around,…

My parents divorced when I was 15 years old. I won’t say it’s an easy thing to do, but there is always a way.

And all I can say, don’t give a damn about what other will say or think about you. Because it doesn’t matter at all. It’s your life and you should not live it in spite of others.

Live and do what makes you happy.


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