About me

It’s the stories that we have to tell. And I think at the end of our lives, that’s all we’ve got… All you’ve got is your stories. – Rickey Gates

Welcome to the World on a Wim !

Not ‘the World on a Thomas’ although my mother wanted to call me ‘Thomas’ when she was in labour. My parents could not decide what my name would be and I was already cursed with one of my greatest life flaws before I was born … procrastination. At the very last moment my parents decided to go with ‘Wim’.

Wim. A very Dutch name which would cause me a fair amount of confusion during my international travels. Win ? Wynn ? Wimp ? Whim ? Well the latter one is kind of accurate since I always do things on a whim. Sometimes these actions lead to success but a lot of other times it just leads to awkward situations, funny stories and heartwarming memories.

I grew up in a little farm town in the west of Belgium. One of those towns where everyone knows everyone and nothing really happens unless you consider the divorce of your local baker front page news. After graduation I waved my little country farewell and started exploring the world and haven’t stopped since. And why would I ?


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