Waterton Lakes, Alberta

Your life is an occasion. Rise to it. 

Last year I went on a road trip through Alberta, Montana and Wyoming with my good friend Gordon. Lots of driving, lots of breathtaking views and a good amount of hiking.

One of our stops on our road trip was Waterton Lakes. A Canadian National Park that is lying just on USA/Canada border. Everything on the USA side is Glacier National Park.

We parked our car at the information center and because we had ample time to spend in the park, we got the suggestion to hike the nearby ‘Bears Hump‘. It’s a pretty short hike that starts at the visitor center and offers you an awesome stunning view. Be aware it can be windy up there so make sure you keep your personal belongings and loved ones close.

Other things you want to do is visit the Red Rock Canyon and walk the short loop around the canyon. On our drive to the parking lot we saw a bear chilling on the side of the road. From Red Rock Canyon we made our way to Blakiston Falls, a 45 minute hike.


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