Jasper, Alberta

After making several stops along the Icefield Parkway, you arrive in Jasper.

I visited this cozy little town on a cold and quiet day for the first time last year in March.

After driving all the way from Lake Louise to Jasper in almost one go (since most of the rest stops and viewpoint areas were still closed at that time of the year) I arrived exhausted at the Marmot Lodge, my accommodation for the night.

I visited the town of Jasper and learned that people can’t buy a house in Jasper as their second home nor can they build new houses in Jasper.

I also learned from a local waitress that a hike to Patricia Lake is definitely worth the effort.

So I hiked it the next day.

The full two hours.

And I found a sign that said ‘Patricia Lake’.  And the lake itself, covered under meters of snow.

I promised myself to return to this place in summer and later that year I did.

This time I drove.


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