The Epic Icefield Parkway : The Athabasca Glacier

Look at everything as though you are seeing it either for the first or last time, then your time on earth will be filled with glory. 

Next stop on the list is the Athabasca Glacier.

You will see this massive glacier appear on your left side.

Tickets and start of the tour are on the right of the highway.

Although a ticket to go up to the glacier with the Ice Explorer is not cheap, it’s well worth it.

First a bus takes you from the parking lot all the way up the hill across the highway. From there you transfer to the Ice Explorer, a sort of vehicle specially made for driving on glaciers.

Once you arrive at the glacier you got some time to explore and walk around. You can even taste the pure glacier water and you can see how dramatically the glacier has shrunk through the years.

Brewster, the company that organises these tours, also sell this cool experience in combination with the Glacier Skywalk. This attraction opened recently but is a waste of money, personally. You definitely can have better views for free in the area and  although the attraction is called Glacier Skywalk, there is no glacier in sight. So save your time and money and buy that moose sweater for your parents instead.


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