The Epic Icefield Parkway : Hector Lake

Adventure is a need. 

After you took a refreshing plunge into Herbert Lake you can continue on the Icefield Parkway.

Next stop : Hector Lake

The tricky part about Hector Lake is that the little parking lot and the start of the trail are not well indicated. The trail is not well known and there is only a small signpost at the head of the trail that says ‘Hector Lake Trail’. Keep your eyes open on your left hand side once you passed Herbert Lake.

Once you found the head of the trail you can start your descend until you will encounter the Bow River. Please use caution when you cross this river as the stream may be pretty strong and deep. Once you crossed this you are almost there.

A little further you’ll see the lake appearing through the trees and find a great camping spot.

Hector Lake is a gorgeous place to explore. You even have free canoes and peddles at your disposal. Please have respect if you use them and return them afterwards to the same spot where you’ve found them.

My friends and I used both canoes last summer and had the great idea to cross the entire lake but I must admit we miscalculated the distance. What’s new…

Also, halfway our battle across the lake my friend and I were noticing our canoe was sinking very slowly which caused a lot of laughter from our friends in the other canoe. Once we reached the shore we emptied the water out of our canoe and took a nice little break.

The views are amazing and you feel like there is no single other soul in sight (which is probably the case).

We ended up spending three hours rowing to the other side of the lake and back but it was all well worth it !


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