Lake Louise, Alberta

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

We all have seen Lake Louise.

If it isn’t with our own eyes, then through a postcard from your aunt Suzy or from a cover photo of your ‘1001 things to see before I die’ guide that is catching dust on your shelves.

The pictures don’t lie, Lake Louise is a gorgeous place to be. It just gets REALLY crowded during the summer months. Don’t be surprised to see a whole herd of people trying to take their perfect picture of the lake. Golden advice here again is … come early to see the lake and go hiking afterwards.

Bring a visit to the Chateau Lake Louise while you are there.

During the summer months you can go hiking (More information about this in my next blog) or canoeing (although Moraine Lake has cheaper rates).

During the winter months you can go hiking, skiing, cross country skiing, ice skating, ice hockey… plenty of choices for the Canadian sport fans there but I recommend to try them all. It’s pretty neat to play ice hockey with your friends on the frozen lake while the sun is setting over the mountains.

Lake Louise village is right next the highway 1 where you can buy groceries, liquor and your typical souvenirs. There are some bars and restaurants there too.

HI Hostel Lake Louise has a nice restaurant where you order good food for a decent price.

For pizza, Timberwolf is your go to place.


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