Moraine Lake, Alberta

If you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains… you’re lucky enough.

After the few initial days in Calgary I collected three facts.

The first fact : Belgium (my home country) was still in the World Cup and had to play against the United States. I was thrilled to see the game but haven’t met any fellow Belgians so far. I ended up in a pub downtown Calgary where a bunch of people were watching the game Belgium – USA. It was only when Belgium scored the first goal that I realised I was the only one cheering in the crowd. Well me and two Canadian girls next to me at the bar who rooted for Belgium because they abominated the USA for reasons unknown. Fact one, Belgium won that game, but I could not fully celebrate the victory like I did last week in Belgium. I missed my friends.

The second fact : I emailed a friend who was working up in the mountains. I told her I arrived in Calgary and we could meet up whenever she had the time. Maybe she had an idea where I could find a job or give me some good tips. A couple hours later she already replied with the news they were looking for an extra employee at their lodge. The only thing was, I had to get there as soon as possible. I immediately checked buses and rental cars but the Calgary Stampede had officially started and the cowboys and cowgirls no longer use their horses to make their way to Calgary anymore. All transportation was sold out. Fact two, I was screwed.

The third fact : There was one last option… hitchhiking. I tried my luck the next morning and after walking for two hours I got my first ride… for the full five minutes and got dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Luckily a second ride followed not that long after and a third one brought me all the way up to a breathtaking location, Moraine Lake. I met my friend, talked to the manager and got the job. Fact three, Where’s a will is a way. I got a job and the location was awesome.

Sasha the Raven Travel Tips : Moraine Lake is a must see during your visit in Western Canada. Although it is less busy than its big sister Lake Louise it does get busier every year. Your best bet is to come as early as possible (before 9 AM) to visit the lake to avoid the crowds and to have decent parking.

Canoe rentals are cheaper at Moraine Lake ( $ 50 CAD/hour (2014 season) than at Lake Louise.

If Moraine Lake is a quick stop on your travel itinerary then… shame on you. If you don’t have a lot of time make sure you have half an hour to climb to the rock pile (there is an easy trail that takes you there so no need to climb the rocks and get yourself wet and injured).

The (only) road to Moraine Lake is generally open from early June until mid October.


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