Moving (on)

Last night I spent my first night at my new place here in Ghent.

When I drove to my new apartment, which I will be sharing with my longtime friend Claire, I was accompanied by a bunch of boxes. I wondered how I was able to gather so much stuff since I am used to travel with only my backpack for the last year now. How did I go from the necessary stuff to ten boxes of unessential crap ?

I should unpack today but I refuse. The weather is great outside and I need a loaf of bread. I forgot how hard it is to find a store that is open on a holiday in Belgium. I luck out, there is a little store in the city that is saving the Easter dinners of a lot of households. Or maybe it is just my dinner and everyone else is prepared for these kind of situations. No bread left in the store but some rolls will do the trick. Mission partly successful.

I return home and start planning on my adventure for this fall, Australia. I received my work holiday permit yesterday. I was amazed how fast my application got approved. The whole experience is happening in a fast pace this time. But I have a ‘expiry date’ on my adventures Down Under because I am turning 31 in January 2016 so this is my last year I can apply for the Work Holiday Visa Program.

I already made the decision to go abroad again when I was still on my last adventure in Canada.

Making the decision is always considered the most difficult part of the adventure. You have a dream to travel and live abroad but don’t know if it is something for you, if you are strong enough, if you will find your way. I can assure you that you will and the adventure will be worth the risk. All you have to do is take that first step. Make that decision. Once you applied online for the visa or you booked your flight there is no way back. I always kind of trap myself into the situation.

One certain moment I feel like I should just do it. Then I run to my computer as fast as I can and go online and apply or book that ticket. After I paid I am in that ‘hesitation zone’ where I am thinking about my sudden decision but soon after I realise I made the right one and get all excited.

So the excitement is here. And I can’t wait to embark onto a new adventure this summer. In the meantime I will post some of my previous travels on my blog while I keep you updated about the process of my Australian Adventure.

Alright, better unpack all my stuff now.


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